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Telebond handles the full communication flow.

Enabling users to communicate takes much more than integrating a video call plugin. Designing and combining all the pieces into a simple, yet secure and effective workflow is the biggest part of the puzzle.

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Telebond in action

To see Telebond in action, please try WETalk, a customised application on the Telebond platform that supports WikiExpert by allowing their users to seamlessly connect, transact and communicate directly from their site.


Our mission is to help you to give your users a simple way to connect with minimal development effort

Telebond for everyone

Simplify your user's life by giving them access to all the features of Telebond from your site.


Video / voice calls

High quality, encrypted video calls directly from your site. No installs needed.


Integrated secure payments with Stripe makes sure your users are getting paid.


Each successful call starts with a session request. Telebond helps to connect easily.


Automatically notification about each session milestone.

Chat messaging

Integrated chat let your users exchange messages easily.

Session management

Dashboard and calendar integration provide a real-time overview of past activities and upcoming sessions.

Powerful API

Manage your user's Telebond accounts! Sign them up, arrange sessions and access their usage statistics with our secure, industry standard RESTful API.

Happy users

Give your users an easy, modern tool to connect, transact and communicate and they'll love your service even more.

Know your users!

By keeping them on your site, you'll know how many sessions they make and how much they earn through your service.

Save time and money

Developing your own custom solution takes a lot of effort. Telebond helps you start quickly.


Do you have a specific workflow or you'd like to customise the user experience by applying your own branding? Please contact us to get a quote!

Telebond helped us start our service quickly and effectivly. Our users really love its simplicity.



If you'd like to integrate Telebond, have any questions or ideas about how we could help you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We would love to speak about what you need.

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