Your all-in-one solution for sharing your time and know-how. Scheduling, video calls, secure payments—seamlessly brought together. Talk to the world and charge for your time

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Feature 1
Easy to use

Telebond integrates video calls, a scheduling function and payment options for your clients with no download required.

Feature 2
Your direct link

Add Telebond to your website, social media profile or email signature, so that the world can request your services with only a click of a button.

Feature 3
Always secure

We protect you and your data. Private and encrypted peer-to-peer communication ensures that your conversations remain confidential and your transactions safe.

Video calls for professional demands

Telebond’s technology allows for solid and efficient video calls with your clients - free from downloads and ad interruptions.

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PayPal secured transactions

Get paid by credit card or PayPal - fast, convenient and verified for you and your clients.

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Clients can easily contact you with a click of a button

Grow your client base with the Telebond button. Add it to your website, social media profiles and email signature so that clients can immediately schedule a call with you.

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Effective time management

Schedule sessions and view upcoming appointments at a glance so both you and your clients never miss a call.

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Telebond is the one professional video call solution that allows you to charge for your time.

Make it your fully integrated tool to deliver your experience and know-how in the most efficient way possible.

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Video calls and Messenger
Charge for your time
Private peer-to-peer communication
Session management and scheduling
No advertisements or downloads
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