Connecting minds, one call at a time.

Vision and Mission

Today there is significant demand for people’s knowledge, skills and experiences - the web has become the perfect medium to exchange information. Recognizing this enormous potential and the need for a professional solution, we created Telebond, the first platform that allows people to get paid for their time in a simple and secure way. Our team is constantly working to break down the barriers that constrain the flow of information, and encourage people to trade their know-how online. No matter who or where you are, with Telebond you have the opportunity to offer and acquire the expertise needed to improve lives and communities across the world.

Company Overview

Founded in London in 2015, and with our operational headquarter in Vienna since May 2016, we are a diverse group of experienced developers and entrepreneurs spread across the globe. Our team speaks nine different languages, but the same one when it comes to delivering what we promise: connecting the world with video calls for professional demands and enhancing the experiences of our ever expanding user base.

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