A digital button to grow your business

Gain exposure

The Telebond button appears as an icon on your website; use it to change the way you market yourself and upgrade your sales funnel. Expand your client base by giving all the people who interact with you on websites, forums, social media and email conversations, an opportunity to request your services with a click of a button.

Easy implementation, no expertise needed

You don’t need to know much about website design or programming; we have already done the heavy-lifting for you. All you need to do is copy and paste our code snippet to your website. Gain even more traffic to your profile by adding a link in your social media profiles, forums and email footer.

Speed up the booking process

The more choices people have, the longer it takes for them to make decisions. Cut down the steps for potential clients by offering your personal Telebond button as an easy point of contact for them to book an appointment with you.